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Phone and Security Systems for Chicopee, MA

Phone Systems

Alternative Telecom and Security (ATAS) services both residents and businesses in Chicopee, Massachusetts with professional system design, and installation of Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Systems. You can benefit from being able to answer dozens of calls simultaneously (like a call center), setup a call queue (for people and departments), navigate callers through an auto-attendant (or directly to a human if you prefer), and forward calls to your mobile phone when you are on the road.

Our business phone systems are state-of-the-art, reliable, and easy-to-use for both the caller and receiver. Have ATAS design a custom system that meets your needs, no matter if you have employees in the office, working from home, or who are out on the road.

Security Systems

Our top-of-the-line security systems allow you to have a fully monitored and secured home or business. Step up your security with alarms, cameras, and 24/7 monitoring designed to stop unauthorized access, prevent stolen packages, and keep the bad guys from taking a second look. 🦹‍♂️


Do not worry about false alarms! Our systems even stop false burglary alarms with our RapidSMS system that reduces unwanted false alarms.


Keeping your Chicopee, MA home or business safe and secure is our jam! We will help you install a doorbell camera, motion detectors, automated lighting, and many more security features.

Learn more about our services or contact us and see if we can help!

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