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Cabling Infrastructure

As technology advances, so should your business. Your voice and data cables are essential to the communication infrastructure of your company, and a structured cabling system is vital for both internal and external communication. Because we know that every year will bring new opportunities for your business, we design a network cabling system that has the capacity to adapt to future technology.


Our experience shows that do-it-yourself attempts at networking save pennies at the front end while performance through lack of proper design or lack of competent installation suffers over the long term.  The network fails to meet specifications, connectivity suffers, and information transfer is slowed, costing time, money and performance. We carry high-end calibrated meters and can certify each line.  When needed, we can provide the written documentation for each line.

Cabling Infrastructure-Alternative Telecom and Security

Using Today's Technology

Photo of a technician on a crane
Photo of a technician cutting CAT5e cables

We work with home-based, small, mid-size, large, and industrial-sized companies who need their computers, security systems, fire systems, camera surveillance, access control, telephone systems, paging systems, fax machines, copiers,  time clocks, pos machines and other equipment to be networked for maximum performance along with fiber optic backbones to connect multiple buildings together in a complex.

We work hard to exceed your expectations every time, and bring you customer service that is unmatched by any other company. You’ll get the attention you need from our staff, regardless of the size of the project. Each customer is equally important to us, and we strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our job. Today's cutting edge technology can network your communications for faster service, improved accountability, and increased performance. We have the experience and the skilled staff to design, install, and support:

  • Voice and data cabling (cat 3 to cat 6A, coax)

  • Fiber optic cabling (field termination and fusion splicing)

  • Outside plant cabling (copper, fiber and coax)

  • Wireless Local Area Network

  • CATV, CCTV, and AVs

  • Audio visual cabling

  • Paging systems

  • Field testing (cable analyzers)

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Project estimating

  • Project budgeting

  • Project management

  • Equipment relocation and setup

  • Equipment rack and stack

  • Telecom room cleanup

Our technicians are highly trained and qualified. We use only the highest quality cabling installation products on the market, and we meet the industry standard for excellence with technicians that are certified in all major cable and component manufacturers and have the necessary experience and qualifications to offer you a full manufacturer system warranty on any product.


We’ll design and professionally install any new structured cabling system for businesses of any size. Whether you need help with the simple task of moving a single cat 5E, 6 or 6A ethernet cable, or require an entire overhaul of your structured cabling system, call Alternative Telecom & Security first.

Network Cable Installation Testing-Alternative Telecom and Security

Network Cable Installation Testing


Thorough and accurate testing of new or existing cable networks ensures that voice and data systems function as planned. Cable testing is a standard procedure for all network cabling projects.


If your network was wired more than 10 years ago, it may not be capable of keeping up with today’s standards.  


The speeds and bandwidth required by devices and programming today can demand more from your wiring than it is capable of producing.  Testing can ensure that the your network wiring is not masking problems you may be having if your computers appear to be “glitching.”


Comprehensive testing is recommended as a follow-up to construction or renovation work that has been done near network components. Dust, substantial jarring, accidental cutting, and other impacts may compromise network performance without actually halting functionality.

Testing can pinpoint the source of problems assumed to be caused by components that are actually working properly. Network Cabling technicians are trained and equipped to thoroughly troubleshoot both phone and data systems.


We perform Category 5, 5e, 6 and 6A Ethernet network cabling testing to TIA standard as follows:


  • A - Attenuation

  • NEXT - Near-End Crosstalk

  • ACR - Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio

  • RL - Return Loss

  • PSNEXT - Power Sum Near-End Crosstalk

  • PSACR - Power Sum Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio

  • ELFEXT - Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk

  • PSELFEXT - Power Sum Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk

Night Work


We were awarded a competitive bid to install cable in the Hartford Jewish Community center and the Federation Building. We were chosen to create two separate wiring closets and connect them with a fiber back bone, creating a seamless network. The Federation office had to be done after working hours. Days later, our client, who was concerned with seeing no work, gave us a call. We promptly told them that all cabling had been installed and tested. They couldn't believe the cabling was installed without disturbing their desks or leaving any mess. 

Museum Quality


The J. Morrisey Company was moving from Hartford to a new location in Windstor, CT. We were called to evaluate the communication needs of the new facility; a three story high, former museum they were converting into offices. We wired the building for voice and data. Concealed all the cabling so as not to detract from the historical look of the building, even applying maple veneer and staining it to match the original baseboard. The results were one happy customer and a historical museum that kept its asthetic charm.

Case Studies

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