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Stop False Burglary Alarms

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

68% of police dispatches are due to customers not answering when the monitoring center calls. (source)

At Alternative Telecom and Security we are now including RapidSMS as part of our security system service at no extra charge.

RapidSMS notifies you instantly of an alarm via text message with the important information needed to make a critical decisions in real time, with the ability to take action quickly.

Reduce False Alarms

This is a new, and convenient service for our customers at no extra charge. And will help our local police dispatchers by reducing false burglar alarms.

How RapidSMS Works

To learn more about RapidSMS and understand how it will work, watch this quick video below.

Now that you've seen what RapidSMS can do to stop false burglary alarms. Let's get started setting it up for your home or business.

Call today and we'll get everything setup for you at no charge.

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Jun 11, 2020

Our Company has worked with Alternatives for about seven years now. They have been a pleasure to work with. When I call for assistance or help, Pete, one of the employees there, is always very helpful. I was thrown into IT knowing nothing about our phone system but Pete is always there to help but more important he takes the time to teach me the system. He is very patient. He also works very well with our other vendors on problem solving situation. That is very important to us. Thank you Pete and Alternative for being so supportive to our growing organization.


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