Security Systems

Whether your home or company needs burglar and fire protection, video camera surveillance (interior and exterior) or access control, we can provide the design, installation and support to keep your home, family and pet(s) or your company and its employees safe and accountable.


The primary target for our security systems are residential homes of all sizes to protect life, structure and contents, and small, large and industrial business to prevent theft from the outside as well as someone inside from stealing something which is what the industry refers to as “shrinkage”. 


In the video, Kim George, Professional Business Coach and founder of Kane's Krusade, talks about her experience with Alternative Telecom & Security installation of her security system.



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The availability of new technologies allows us to select powerful security platforms and flexible systems and tailor them to meet the current and future needs of residential homes and companies across New England. 


We have the experience and the skilled staff to design, install and support any of the following technologies: Burglar and Fire Protection, Video Camera Surveillance, Access Control.

Our Technologies

Photo of our fire system being inspected by the fire chief

Fully Tested with Local Authorities

Burglar and Fire Protection


A safe and secure home business brings more than peace of mind, it assures that your family and your possessions, or your inventory and equipment are safeguarded 24/7. We can install any size system to meet your security and budget needs. For a home, a basic system can include door monitors and motion detectors. For a manufacturing complex it can include door and/or floor sensors, as well as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, cameras and more. 


Through a local monitoring center, our systems monitor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for burglary as well as provide immediate dispatch for medical, police, and fire emergencies. In addition, our alarms can provide alerts for potential disasters such as carbon monoxide, frozen pipes, and excessive water. 

Video Camera Surveillance


Video camera surveillance protects employers and employees. It adds control to who enters your premises by time-stamping their arrival and departure. Wired to a digital recorder (DVD, NVR), images are stored on a computer hard drive and are accessible 24/7 from your office or home computer or smart phone. We can design the system your business needs to protect its assets, reduce liability and keep the honest employees honest. All video surveillance systems have embedded image capture capabilities which allow video images or extracted information to be compressed, stored or transmitted over communication networks or digital data links. This can be applied for any type of monitoring, either for business or personal use. 

Access Control


Access control is designed primarily for business. It tracks employees, vendors and visitors arriving and leaving. It is used to track people coming and going, shrinkage, and delivery times; anything that is going to give business owners control over their operations. Access cards can be recovered and re-used for a new person. If the card cannot be recovered, the card ID is deleted from the system and the individual is denied access. Better than trying to get a lost key returned. 

Photo of a burglar picking a lock
Photo of a security camera mounted in a tree
Photo of a woman entering a building using a keyfob badge

The Best Policy


A longtime customer came to us with a concern. He felt that he had good employees, but he himself could not be there to supervise everything while he was on the road. We listened and designed a system including a camera surveillance system with remote access and a security system with open and closing reports by user. To complement this we sent him open and closing reports to his email on a daily basis. The system gave the owner peace of mind and helped keep honest people honest.

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