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About Alternative Telecom and Security

MA Lic. #901C

Photo of our phone techs coming out of our van

There was a time when honesty and integrity were the bywords of American business. Happily, you’ll find both qualities at Alternative Telecom & Security – along with superior design capability, customer service and support.

What Sets Us Apart...

Alternative Telecom & Security has two unique distinctions that most companies do not. First, we consider our customer, who needs only one cable run, just as important as our customer who requests 3,000 cables run.


No one customer is ever less important to us by the size of their need. No matter how busy we may be, we always have time for every customer.


Secondly, we are designers of integrated systems. Our combined knowledge in both the telecommunications arena as well as the security arena yield multiple options for our customers, such as the ability to link several buildings together, whether in a building complex or in separate towns.


Using today's technology we give you access to your data not just at work, but from home or anywhere else in the world. We can show you how to easily use your smartphone to:

  • Grant multiple points of access to your building

  • Arm and disarm your alarm system

  • View your home wherever you place an IP camera

  • Turn on or off lights at any time of the day

  • Schedule lights to turn on or off at different times

  • Adjust and schedule your thermostat

  • And much more!


Amy Grabowski, Owner of Fiscal Training Solutions talks about her many years of experience with Alternative Telecom & Security.

John Slosek, Owner of Slosek Insurance Agency talks about how Alternative Telecom & Security changed his business world.

Keith Tatlock talks about how he has worked with Alternative Telecom & Security to help protect his home during deployment.

Every system is installed by well-trained technicians in a neat and timely manner, utilizing the most reliable components on the market.


Our service team is comprised of technicians specifically trained to troubleshoot and maintain the specific system they are sent out to service. Our entire staff of certified technicians receive regular factory training, as well as, in-house technical training to maintain our rigid company standards. We continually keep abreast of new technology to offer our customers the best system solutions possible.

Alternative Telecom & Security is your one-stop solution for all your telecommunications & security needs.

Do you ever question the connecting wiring for your devices and how they are tested to be sure you will get the optimum performance? When performing Category 5, 5e, 6 and 6A data network cabling we test all lines as outlined below:


Proper pinning and correct pairing and polarity
• Attenuation
• Near-end cross talk (NEXT) through 350 MHZ from both

• Installed cable's length
• Impedance
• Capacitance
• DC Resistance
• Fiber Optic Testing uses special meters to detect DB loss

   and they are tested at 850 and 1300 nm.
• Category 3 cabling is tested for continuity.

Our technicians install all cable in accordance with all state and local building codes.


From cabling to paging, to telephones, to voicemail; from security, to burglar protection, to fire protection, surveillance cameras, card/door access, temperature alarms and water flow/level alarms. We resolve your voice, data and security needs beyond your expectations. We stay current with today's newest technology and will surprise you with the many options we have available for you today.

Our combined knowledge in both the Telecommunications arena as well as the security arena yield multiple options for our customers.

Photo of our tech installing a fire alarm system

We stand behind all our work performance and service allowing you 100% confidence.

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