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Telecom Service Provider-Alternative Telecom and Security

Helping you get connected and stay protected.

Voice, Data, and Security Systems for your home or business.

Fabulous service. Prompt, attentive and friendly.

- Holy Trinity Church

Awesome company to work with. Super professional, accommodating and supreme customer service!

- Laura B.

I highly recommend both Pete and Alternative Telecom and security to anyone reading this review!

- Lynn P.

Since 1980 Alternative Telecom & Security has served residents and businesses across Central, Western Massachusetts, and Northern Connecticut with security systems, network cabling, and telecommunication services.


Proven expertise and experience in these technologies means you are only one call away from having all their communications needs met.

Photo of a network design tech looking at schematics


Our designers have combined knowledge in telecommunications, security and cabling giving customers creative options that other vendors cannot match.

Photo of a phone tech explaining the system to a business owner


We have the know how to recommend the best solution for each customer, be they a small, mid-size or large company; whether they need a traditional circuit-based system or packet-based VoIP.

Photo of a technician wiring an alarm system.


Our technicians tailor every installations to your specific needs. A fire alarm system install will have far different requirements than a typical business phone system.

Why choose Alternative Telecom and Security?

We are a local business committed to a long-term relationship with our customers. Hear directly from James Patenaude, President and Owner, share how we put our customers first.


"(We) have been using Alternative Telecom & Security for years at SCHOTT North America. These guys are the best. They have never let me down....very competent and they always make themselves available on short notice when I have a network or telephone problem. I've worked with many companies like Alternative over the years and they are by far the best I've ever dealt with. Great job Guys!"

Debbie Ohrn Chambers with SCHOTT North America, Lighting and Imaging

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