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A CGI interface for X10 controllers. Works with a number of backend programs



Command-line interface for the CM17a.



A CGI script for controlling BottleRocket over the web.


CP290 Software 

Software to control the CP290 interface.



Command line CM17a controller.


FreeBSD Home Automation 

Guide to resources for home automation under the FreeBSD operating system.


FreeBSD Remote Control Daemons 

Programs for home automation under FreeBSD.


GNU Phantom Home and Phantom Security 

Software for automation and security with diagrams for building the compatible hardware.



CM17a software with a GUI using GTK+.



Simple CM11a control.



Program events with a CM11a or Applied Digital interface, including a web browser interface. (requires x10d).


Linux HCS 

Linux software for the Circuit Cellar HCS II system.



Linux Home Automation 

Guide to Linux home automation resources.


Metalab Software Archive 

X10_lib, light switch control, x-automate, netlitng, and other software.



A perl-based home automation program for the CM11a and CM17a. (Freeware)



Software motion detector that grabs images from video4linux devices and/or from webcams for security.


Remote Automation, Inc. 

Automation solutions using Linux and GNU licensed software.


Temperature at Home 

Tcl/Tk project on Linux with sourcecode to read and graph temperatures using the Hot Little Therm.



A web interface for BottleRocket.



A WindowMaker/AfterStep applet to control a CM17a.



A few simple programs to communicate with a CM11a or LynX-10 interface.


x10d for Linux 

The x10d same program but modified to compile correctly under Linux.



Responds to events received from a CM11a interface.


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